Round-the-clock monitoring, proactive maintenance, and robust security defense of your network, network devices, and workstations.

Next Generation Services

We are trained and certified in many of the industry leading next generation firewalls, cloud platforms, antivirus solutions, and more.

We are trained and prepared to implement various cost efficient solutions to serve the needs of your organization.

Traditional Managed IT Services

Experience substantial boosts in productivity when your team can collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Cyber Security

Elite IT Enterprise Solutions will be proactive in preventing, detecting, and responding to the ever-growing risks of the online, data-driven world.

Cyber security can be overwhelming, but our engineers are here to simplify it for you by identifying and remedying your greatest vulnerabilities threats that directly targets you. 

Your network and its security is one of the fundamental elements of your organization's overall success. Our engineers will insure the overall health of your network and its security. 

Network & Wireless

24 x 7 365 monitoring of your network devices to include your internet of things (IOT) devices, corporate devices,and general network security.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Custom-made recovery procedures so you can quickly resume operations after natural or man-made disasters.

Your data is important! Your data is valuable! We will architect the best solution for your organization to assure your data remains available to you.

In the era of Covid-19,  many of us are forced to work remotely. We will assure the safety of your data and your technology assets through this trying period.


Connecting your team’s mobile devices allows you to work securely from anywhere in the world.

Basic Help Desk & Day-to-Day Operation Solutions

- Initial Site Assessments

- 24 x 7 365 Network Monitoring

- Help Desk Services

- Backup/Disaster Recovery

- Office 365

- Core Infrastructure Management

- Quarterly Reports

Basic enterprise services can support both traditional and next-generation solutions. Solutions will aid your day-to-day technical operations while leaving your business worry-free of the technical hassles. 

Advanced Security & Protection Solutions

- Antivirus

- Endpoint Detection & Response

- Full Disk Encryption & Protection 

- Mobile Work (VPN Solutions)

- Endpoint Intrusion Detection & Prevention

- User Behavior Analytics

Advanced security protection provides industry-leading security services for your business in addition to day-to-day operation services.  

Elite & Ultimate Security Solutions

- Mobile Device Management (MDM)

- Security Consulting

- Vulnerability Management (Detection & Remediation)

- Network & Endpoint Threat Hunting 

Elite security solutions provides ultimate security measures to give your organization the utmost confidence in your IT infrastructure by allowing us to actively threat hunt and quail your network and device vulnerabilities. 

Allow us to relieve you of the day to day technology issues.  Rather its a hardware, software, operating system, or data storage issue, we are here to support and rectify the issue for you.

Help Desk Services

Technical Support for your organization as you consistently grow and add more and more devices to your network. 


And More....

We are here to serve & solution any of our organizational IT & Infosec needs.

Our engineers are very experienced in a plethora of different IT arenas.